{download} How to Cultivate Leadership

What do you think defines a good leader?

Do you know how to evaluate whether a leadership team is functioning well?

Have you considered the lasting impact of a leader who does the job beyond expectations compared to another who falls short?

Lead from Behind

We all have preconceived ideas about what good leadership should look like and how a talented leader should go about the business of leading. There are some basic attributes required for leadership, like being comfortable speaking publicly, a willingness to listen to others, and a thick-enough skin to face a crowd that doesn’t necessarily like what you have to say. But there are also other factors, like administrative skills, unique talents, niche experiences, and particular personality types that make a person fit for a leadership position.

What you think about how a leader should lead is critical in how you carry out the responsibilities of a particular position as well as what you expect from those on your team.

While it’s important to have the “make-up” of a leader in order to be impactful and effective in serving those you’re called to lead, it may be more important to consider your leadership philosophy and mindset.

So would you be willing to take some time to consider a fresh perspective on leadership? 

This resource is built off the principle of leading from behind . . . that is, from behind the scenes . . . and will help you cultivate your leadership skills and vision so that you can have the best possible impact on those God has called you to serve. 

Lead from Behind

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