Join in the #MOMblink Mission

“Jesus take the wheel!”

That’s all I could think of as my sixteen year old daughter hopped in the driver’s seat for the last leg of our trip home. How could the same child I gave life to now be responsible for the lives of our whole family. It literally took my breath away — such a fresh reminder that life is insanely short.

Learning to Drive

[Tweet “These beloveds are not mine. They are gifts from God and my role is stewardship, not ownership. “]

It was a mom blink moment.

Oh yes, I came to see my motherhood journey with a new set of eyes, even sitting in the back seat of our car. You can read more about that over at The Better Mom. But before you go, would you take a minute to consider joining me in mission to live more fully in this moment?

I’m calling it the #MOMBlink Mission to capture  those moments of motherhood that we’re tempted to rush through in the pursuit of something that isn’t any better.

Join the #MOMblink Mission

I think of this mission in light of what Jesus said about Mary’s choice to sit at His feet rather than run around overly distracted and all too busy like her sister Martha (Luke 10:38-42). Mary knew the one thing, the good thing, the portion that was for her in that moment. I think this easily applies to us, as moms, too.

What’s the one thing Jesus is calling us to, besides spending time at His feet?

What are the priorities He is placing before us, rather than pursuing our own agenda?

How does God want us to take hold of the treasures He’s entrusted to our care . . . like our children?

I want His priorities to be mine, especially as a savor these last years of motherhood with my oldest and invest purposefully into her younger siblings. So in an effort to be super intentional, I’m embracing a #MOMBlink Mission by doing the following:

  1. GIVE THANKS TO GOD – In my prayer journal, I’ll be giving God thanks for the times in which I gave time towards whole-hearted interaction with my children.
  2. CAPTURE THE MOMENT- Since my smart phone is always with me, I’m going to photograph those moments of real life with my kiddos. Some I’ll post and tag as #momblink. Others I’ll just keep for me. I don’t want social media to become a distraction from the mission.
  3. ASK for ACCOUNTABILITY – I’m going to ask a few close friends to check in with me every week and see how I’m doing to savor this time with my children.
  4. GREEN STRING REMINDER – I tend to forget these little convictions from the Lord, so to make this one last, I’m going to tie a green string around my wrist and wear it for 30 days. Why green? Because it reminds me of growth and I want to grow in this area of motherhood.

#MOMblink Checklist




Whether you join in the #MOMblink mission with as much intentionality or simply strive to make the most of this moment with your children, I pray that you would most of this season of motherhood.

If you’re passionate about accountability in this #MOMblink mission, leave a comment below with a link to one of your social media accounts where you’re posting your commitment.

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May you walk in His grace and embrace His fresh mercies everyday, not only as moms, but as His chosen, holy, and dearly loved daughters.




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2 thoughts on “Join in the #MOMblink Mission”

  1. I just wanted to let you know how inspiring you’re website is. I teach a small group of junior high girls and I often turn to you’re website for help. I purchased your Engage study for teens girls and began doing it with my group on Wednesday evenings. Girls struggle so much now days with self worth and this was the perfect study to begin with my girls. I also have a teen daughter and your posts are always insightful! Thanks for the blessings!

    1. Amanda, your words of encouragement are such a SUPER blessing to us. We’re grateful for the privilege of equipping you to impact your daughter’s life and other teen girls with the Truth! Blessings on you!

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