The Beauty of More to Be

Isn’t it amazing how God works in each of us uniquely, drawing us not only to Himself but also manifesting His work in our lives distinctly?

There aren’t two of the same kind of people in this entire world.

Hallelujah! That’s good news! I certainly don’t want anyone else to struggle with the thorns I feel like are wedged in my side. How about you?

And yet, when we find a kindred spirit . . . that person who tracts with the way we think and understands our perspective not only their head and heart . . . wow, that feels good! It somehow confirms that God’s design is indeed good. Wouldn’t you agree?

The Beauty of More to Be


Maybe you’ve had the experience of connecting with a kindred or two over your lifetime. For me, one of those kindreds is Jennifer Camp. I’ve known her for many years, all because of an online connection that led to spending a too-short amount of time with her at the Allume conference years ago.

Our time face-to-face was short but priceless on so many levels.

Jennifer and I shared our hearts with one another and our surrendered dreams. I think both of us doubted that we should attend the workshop on publishing, especially as we collapsed in our seats, tired from days of learning, growing, and dreaming. At the end of the session, I dared her to go up to speak with the panel, as I so believed in her writing. I wanted to see her make a connection that would open the next door. And I was also curious about what they might say to me, although I’d resigned in my heart at that point that publishing wasn’t my end-goal. Well, that long-line standing led to open doors years later for both of us. We certainly didn’t even conceive of our books, Meet the New You and Breathing Eden, but we did bond over a passion for the Word and equipping women to experience a fresh encounter with Christ.

Years later, it is a blessing to see that mission hasn’t wavered one bit for either of us.

But by the grace of God.

Jennifer is still about the business of ministering to the hearts of women, so beautiful demonstrated in a series she’s running on her blog.  She provided a space for me to share with her readers what motivates me to keep pressing on in my faith and be used by God to be a vessel in which He pours forth His purposes.

I believe we have to guard ourselves from the noise of the world, which will drown out the voice of God. - Elisa Pulliam


Click here to read “The Beauty of More to Be: An Interview with Elisa Pulliam.”  I pray it inspires you to press into the Lord’s leading and design in your life too.


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