When We Are Called to Wait

Are you in a season of waiting, wondering, and doubting?

Oh yes.


I know waiting well. I’ve been forced to wait on God. I’ve been rerouted multiple times to a different place and another destination.

I’ve anticipated something special to happen that never panned out.

A dashed dream that I dared to dream.

We don’t like to talk about that sort of thing very much. We’d rather focus on living out our dreams, dreaming our dreams, chasing our dreams.

But what should we do when the dream ends? When the dream is forced to change? When your dream turns out not to be God’s dream?

No matter how much I’ve prayed and surrendered my dreams to the Lord, the disappointment still takes my breath away as I face the reality today. Do you feel the same way? The wondering is the worst part.

Is there something wrong with me?

Did I do something wrong? 

Did I really hear God clearly?

Was it my deceitful heart clamoring more loudly than God’s whisper?

Wait and watch because God is still working.

Even without answers, we have to press on, still with wonder about what is next. 

We’re not the first to wait on God. Noah waited in the boat for an entire year. Abraham waited on a son. Hannah waited, too. The Israelites waited . . . and wandered . . . and probably wondered too . . . before entering the promised land.  Zechariah waited to speak again.  Paul waited in jail.  Jesus waited to be reunited with His Father in heaven.

In the waiting, we can experience  God’s constant, tender spirit reminding us to be more in the present than concerned with the future.

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As the Lord so gently reminded me, to wait is not to do nothing. It is to be active in our faith and focus.

Waiting is actually a call to action.


Watch God work in His ways.


Ask God about His purposes.


Invite God to work in your heart.


Trust God to fulfill His plans.

WAIT is about watching, asking, inviting, and trusting God to do His thing.

Waiting on God isn’t about doing nothing — or NO thing; It is about allowing God to do His thing.

Friend, God knows what He’s doing even if we don’t know what He’s up to.

So how will you face the waiting in your life today?

This post was originally published at elisapulliam.com.

4 thoughts on “When We Are Called to Wait”

  1. Hi Elisa. –

    I love this.

    Just found your blog and wanted you to know I’m pretty impressed. It’s beautiful and well organized for your audience.

    My name is Betsy. I’m the mom of 8 adults – and married 38 years. My backgraound is in non-profit (ministry) leadership. Im also a flight attendant/author/blogger and at this stage of my life, I feel called to reach mid-life women – empty nesters, inparticular.
    I’ve been in God’s waiting room for quite some time to allow him to work his purposes in me….or “do his thing” as you said in your post, and belive the time has come to expand my platform to serve mid-life women through my blog, books, and resources that will help women move foward in their life after kids.

    I’m presently rebranding and reorgainzing my blog and taking steps forward to write to this audience and to launch a new ministry for mid-life women at our church. I want to encourage and equip them to take hold of their next chapter so that God’s plan is fulfilled in their lives and in the people he will call them to serve.

    I’m not sure how I might connect with you at this point – other than to ask you to pray. I’m trying to figure out how to best use my time to prepare for the road ahead. I just know that I’m excited to have stumbled upon your site.

    Thanks for listening Elisa.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment at More to Be and sharing your story with me. How exciting for this new season of rebranding and growth.

      Lord, will you please lead and guide Betsy in the direction you would like her to go. Open the doors to opportunities for influence. Show her who to serve and how to do it in a way that is effective and sustainable. Fill her with a portion of yourself that she may overflow more of you onto her family and those you’ve called her to serve. In Jesus’ Name.

  2. Hi Elisa! Loved this! I’m looking forward to featuring it as one of my favorite posts at my Friday Favorites post tomorrow. I would love to have you come over and join the link party! I can’t wait to introduce you to my readers who haven’t found you yet! This is such a wonderfully easy way to keep trusting when waiting is hard. God bless you!

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