Facing the Unknown with God’s Promises

It’s amazing how hard we have to work at not letting our emotions trump the truth. It’s especially hard when you receive a phone call from the doctor’s office and the sweet voice on the other end of the line says, “Ma’am, we need you to come back in and have another scan done.”

Facing the Unknown with God's Promises

I was ready to run straight to the office at that moment. Unfortunately, their next appointment was a week and a half away, which left me with ten whole days of wondering what the results would be.

Did I have cancer?

Was this my turn?

I probably do, since it’s in my family.

I know this is going to be me.

Oh, God . . .

Our thoughts left unchecked can spiral instantly and produce crippling anxiety.

I knew that could happen to me, and I couldn’t walk this road alone. So as soon as I hung up the phone, I sent out prayer requests to my friends, and immediately, they started preaching truth to my soul.

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