Trusting God with Unblinded Faith

Would you say it’s sometimes it’s hard to wrap our minds around just how good God is?

Real life gets in the way of seeing the goodness of God as we focus on the problems before us.

So what can we do to live with faith when everyday challenges tempt us away from trusting God?

We can't see God at work if we aren't looking for God at work.

I’m chatting with Kristie Clover, host of The Simply Joyful Podcast, about these questions and more. We not only chat about living with Unblinded Faith but also dig a good bit into the topic of mentoring.

Kristie really wanted to hear my take on how to connect women together in the process of growing in faith . . . and I was more than happy to talk about a topic I’m so passionate about. I hope it will bless you and open your eyes to see the way you can gather other women to grow your faith together!

Unblinded Faith and the Simply Joyful Podcast

Join me at The Simply Joyful Podcast for your daily dose of encouragement!

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