It’s Time to Be, Not Do: Encountering God Afresh {Podcast #501}

What do you think it looks like to simply be present with God?

Maybe you’ve been so caught up in the “doing” of your faith, you’ve lost sight of the relationship you can have with Him.

Well, it’s time to get back to the basics, push off our misconceptions, and really get to encounter God this year together.

On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, we kick-off 2020 with Season 5 and a year-long focus on Encounter God Afresh. It’s time to not only be in the Word but seek to know God’s character through studying His names and attributes, so that we can trust Him more. It’s about breaking our habits and rituals that have lost their meaning and seeking to be present in our relationship with God.

This vision overflows from my personal journey of faith along with so many things God is teaching me through certification I am pursuing as an equine-assisted coach. You’ll get to hear a bit about the latest lessons at the end of this episode. Let’s just say I’ve discovered the danger of being task-oriented! But that story comes after we dive into 1 Kings 8 and explore what it looks like to trust that all of God’s promises as they are found in the Word hold true.

Timeless Truths

You cannot avoid the messy when you live in this world. – Kalie

Scripture can ground us and equip us through every challenge. – Kalie

It’s easy to be religious and go through the motions. It’s time we own our faith and build an authentic relationship with God. – Elisa

Studying the names of God and getting to know His character will help us to trust Him more. – Elisa

Who does God say He is and how does that change the way we live our lives? – Elisa

We get to pray according to the Word as we uncover His character and attributes. – Elisa

It’s natural to run from pain. But what if we chose to run through it instead? – Elisa

What if we focused on the relationship instead of the outcome? Would we then show up, even if we feel like we failed? – Elisa

We can’t rely on our feelings, because our feelings are fickle. – Kalie

We need to look at who God says He is, not who we feel like He is. – Elisa

Not one word promised has failed. – Elisa

Love God. Love Others. Wash feet. – Elisa

Task kills relationships. – Elisa

More to Be. Not doing more, but becoming like Jesus. – Elisa

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Scripture Focus

  • 1 Kings 8
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