Is now the right time to become a coach?

How can you know for sure that now is the right time to become a coach?

Considering these uncertain times, with the impact of the Coronavirus disrupting life, closing businesses, and sending kids home for schooling, it’s hard to know what life is going to look like tomorrow, much less in a few months from now.

On the one hand, working as a coach is a great option at such a time as this, because client sessions can take place via Zoom.

Hundreds and thousands of people are facing major life decisions that can be navigated more easily with the support of a coach in just a few sessions.

So, yes, there is a need for coaching, maybe more critically now than ever before.

And yet, will people be able to afford coaching? That is a valid question. I would not enter into this field with the mindset of replacing a six-figure income. However, those who understand the value of your services and the investment you made to be able to coach them will be willing to pay for your fairly priced services.

Another question to consider is whether you afford to become trained as a coach? If you have the savings to put towards your training, then this may be the perfect time to get certified, especially if you find yourself at home for the next eight weeks.

8 Things to Consider about Coach Training

In order to make the best decision about enrolling in coach training during the Coronavirus pandemic (or any time, really), this is what you need to consider:

1 – Is the course live and do I need to be present?

Yes, you are expected to be present at the set time each week.

2 – Can I miss a class?

You are expected to be present for 9 of the 10 classes. Under the circumstances, we can get creative about make-up times if you have to return to work.

3 – Do I need to be on audio and video?

Yes, but you may mute while I’m teaching, especially if you have kiddos in the background.

4 – Do I need to participate or just watch the teaching?

Yes, you need to participate by asking and answering questions. However, you can also use the chat box for most of the sessions, unless we are practice coaching.

5 – How much time do I need to spend on homework?

You’ll have about 2 to 3 hours a week, depending upon worksheets, reading assignments, and audio recordings. You will also need to do two practice coaching sessions, which can be done virtually, just like when you launch a coaching practice.

6 – What can I do with this certification after I graduate?

You can launch your own coaching business. With the support of what I offer through the More to Be Coach Network, I’ll help you get started!

7 – Is this a viable business endeavor?

If you are self-starter, willing to learn new skills (coaching and marketing), and ready to serve others, this may be a perfect time to launch a new business, especially if you can see how you may help solve a real problem for the people you’re connected to. The overhead costs can be minimal (course fee and creation of a website). You can begin charging clients as soon as you graduate.

8 – What other benefits are there to this course?

You’ll identify your core values, core beliefs, and the obstacles that trip you up most often, uncovering strategies to move forward. During a time like this, these insights will have a great impact on your life, your family, and the way you can serve others. You’ll also discover how to listen more effectively, respond more graciously, and connect more profoundly with others. This skillset will change all your relationships for the better!

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