Amanda is a women’s ministry leader and Bible study teacher. She is on fire for the Lord and loves ministering to teens and women. She thrives on encouraging women to fall in love with Jesus and is passionate about them discovering their God-given gifts and calling. She especially has a heart for women in leadership and equipping them to serve in God's Kingdom. Amanda lives in North Carolina with her husband and two little girls. Visit Amanda at her blog, Give Her Grace:

Within My Soul It’s Stirring

It was there.  I could feel it.  It wasn’t going away.  Send her a message and tell her.  Don’t push this aside, do it now.  The feeling wasn’t going away. Do it now.  But she’s probably busy and won’t answer back.  It doesn’t matter, tell her anyway.  “Hey girl.  I just wanted to let you know what a blessing you are. You can get through anything.  You’re one of the strongest people I know. I love you.”   “Thank you girl.”   It was all she said back, but she didn’t need to say another word.  The past few months had been difficult…

In-Between Days

What about the in-between days? The inbox-empty-hands-clenched days? The crying-my-heart-out-in-the-shower days? Rush of emotion flows through my soul, my stomach, my stuttering fingers. Have you ever woken up to the waiting, the pressing waiting? Perhaps for news that the class schedule you want so badly is finally yours…or a phone call from the doctor…or a ring from your man…or some kind of something that says I love you from someone, anyone. I’m a list gal. An organization junkie. The kind of person who, if I don’t write it down, it most likely won’t get done. I like to have my…

The New To-Do List

I have to make a confession.  It’s something that has been stirring in my soul for a few weeks.  On Sunday night at our evening church service, it hit me.  Our pastor gave a message about being distracted.  He spoke about how earthly things can distract us from God, from His son, and from our relationship with Him. I would like to confess that I have become very…distracted.  I have let answering e-mails, checking Facebook, stress at work, and other personal responsibilities get in the way of my relationship with God.  Today I’m going to boldly confess that I have…

A Fall into Feeling Worthy

I had only been in high school a few weeks when it happened.  That morning I got up, got dressed and I put on my newest purchase: slick black Mary Jane pumps.  I couldn’t wait to wear them!  I was so excited to get to school that day.  Why?  It wasn’t because of a boy or because we would be getting out early that day (got to love those days!).  It was because I was feeling confident.  I actually felt beautiful for once.  I knew my outfit was cute, my hair was working with me, and I felt like I…

Patience with a Capital P

We are delighted to introduce you to one of our newest monthly contributors, Amanda, from Into the Beautiful Life.  She comes to us with great joy for sharing the Truth and connecting with this generation of young women. [divider] Did you know that on average it takes someone around five seconds to send a text message? And around two seconds to send an e-mail message? It only takes a few seconds to post a status update on Facebook. We have grown accustomed to things happening FAST, within seconds sometimes!  When an e-mail goes unanswered for a few hours, or someone…


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