Jen Babakhan

Jen is a Christian wife, mother (of two little boys), and author. She is currently writing her first book, Detoured: The Messy Grace-Filled Journey From Working Professional to Stay at Home Mom, to be released in 2019 with Harvest House Publishers. She's also a contributor for Reader's Digest. You can find her at You can find her on social media here: Facebook, @JenBabakhanauthor, Instagram (her favorite of all things social media!) @jenbabakhan, and on Twitter @jenbabakhan.

What good is numbering our days?

What Good is Numbering Our Days?

“Did you get a call from the doctor’s office?” The text appeared on my phone as I sat at a railroad crossing and waited for a train to pass on the way home from shopping. “What call?” I wondered. I gave into temptation and texted my friend back, and learned that our children’s pediatrician had passed away. Close to our age and with children of his own, he wasn’t supposed to die. I watched the train pass in stunned silence. He was more than simply a doctor to those of us who entrusted our beloved children to his care —…

What to Do When Quiet Doubt Surprises You

What To Do When Quiet Doubt Surprises You

God’s existence has always been a fact to me. I’ve never truly questioned His presence in the world or in my life. It’s always seemed apparent to me that God is real, He is good, and He loves me. There’s a firm grip that relentlessly holds the boundaries of my belief in place. I cannot shake the reality of His presence. However, there have been times, seasons even, when I subconsciously doubt His ability to handle my problems enough for me to hand them over. I hold them tightly to my chest without even feeling my knuckles whiten — completely…

Can we really hear from God?

Can we really hear from God?

I used to roll my eyes when I heard someone utter the words, “God told me.” I would think to myself sarcastically, “Right. I’m sure He just parted the clouds and spoke to you.” The truth was that I wasn’t aware He was speaking to me, too, because I simply wasn’t listening. I was in college when these words were eye-roll inducing, and though I knew Jesus’ love at the time, I was not playing an active role in my relationship with Him. My time was spent in the ways that make a life busy but not fulfilled. I studied, worked,…

When Bravery Feels Impossible

When Bravery Feels Impossible

I sat in the oral surgeon’s parking lot, keys still in the ignition, dreading what lay ahead. In fifteen minutes I was scheduled for a somewhat invasive oral surgery, which I had elected to undergo while conscious, instead of opting for sedation. As a breastfeeding mother at the time, I knew general anesthetic wasn’t recommended, and I also knew that it would be more of a hassle than I wanted to endure to try to get my son to take another milk for the 48 hours post-surgery my doctor recommended. I decided instead that I would be brave. I’ve had…

A Gift Worth Giving

A Gift Worth Giving

When I was 11, my best friend was a girl named Sarah. She was full of energy, adventurous, and loved Jesus more than just about anyone I had ever met. Although I attended church here and there with my own family, the zeal for Christ that Sarah and her family had was new to me, and I was a bit smitten with the way they lived their lives. I can remember play dates that included listening to Adventures in Odyssey while we played games and ate snacks. Almost every memory I have of time spent with Sarah includes something related…


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