A Message to the Girls Whose Thighs Touch

A Message to the Girls Whose Thighs Touch

It’s splashed right across her face. The waves gently touch the shore as she stands half-hidden behind a palm tree, busying herself with sunscreen and sunglasses and one more do-I-have-everything? She’s wasting time. She’s gathering courage. She’s surrounded by strangers who will never see her again, but she looks at their faces and tries to imagine what they’ll think of her. At twenty-one years old, no one has ever seen her in a two-piece bathing suit. There’s a hole-in-the-wall surf shack playing music and the kayaks are waiting. Quickly — as if no one will notice the change or hear…

More than Skin Deep

Because it is about More than Beauty

Oh this topic of beauty. After two decades of mentoring teenage girls combined with raising my own daughters, I’ve come to see that the quest to define beauty begins early on. This generation of young and old women alike are grappling with the issue of beauty because it is about more than appearance. The search for beauty is the cry of the female heart longing to feel significant and loved. Wouldn’t you agree that the question, “Am I beautiful?” masks the underlying longing to know, “Am I worthy?  Lovely?  Good enough?” I know this has been my struggle, as I’ve failed to…

How can I see myself as God sees me?

How Can I See Myself as God Sees Me?

I was recently asked a thought-provoking question:   How can I see myself as God sees me? It’s a tough question to answer because it’s not something we can fix for someone else. There’s no switch to flip or magic potion to take to gain new vision. However, there is a mindset shift we can each embrace personally and that starts with an awareness of what we’re thinking about ourselves in the first place. For example, in the life coaching class I teach, there is one principle in the session on identity in which we are challenged to consider whether we (or…

More Than Skin Deep 

Several years ago, we moved into a house with an apple tree in the back yard. At first we thought they were merely crab apples, but neighbors assured us these were “good” apples, so we decided to make use of them. As we picked the fruit, we noticed that there were very few perfect apples. Many had bumps and spots and were misshapen. We debated as to whether the apples were truly any good, but we continued to pick them, figuring we’d just have a lot of bad spots to cut out.     When we started the process of peeling and slicing the…

This Is Inner Beauty

Many months ago, God led me to write about the lies I often tell myself. A couple months later, I wrote a post I never once imagined writing, much less publishing. And then a couple months after that, I tapped away at a computer screen a little post about how it really is true: you already are enough. But notice how I skipped right over that middle post, the one I never wanted to write? A few months ago, God reminded me of those words – the ones about wearing a two-piece bathing suit in public for the very first time (at…


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