Saying Yes to the Slowed-Down Life

Saying Yes to a Slowed-Down Life {Podcast #808}

Would you love to be able to say YES to slowed-down life? Are you over the hurry and hustle? Maybe you are simply burned out. Maybe you are at the stage of life in which you’ve discovered the gift of sabbath and joy of stillness and don’t want to live a life that doesn’t value both. No matter where you find yourself today, this episode is for you. Join me as I unpack the journey I’ve been on over the last ten years of leading More to Be, resulting in my decision to say YES to a slowed-down life and…

When Daily Life Overwhelms

When Daily Life Overwhelms with Wendy Pope {Podcast #807}

Are you having trouble keeping it together? Does it feel like you’re being overwhelmed by daily life, never mind facing unexpected circumstances with any kind of grace and poise? Oh, sister, you’re not alone. Life ain’t easy. But that doesn’t mean you have to live without hope. Nor do you have to face the daily and the unexpected from a place of overwhelm. There is more for you in Jesus. Join me for an honest and faith-inspiring conversation with bible study teacher and faith-in-the-trenches sister, Wendy Pope, as we unpack biblical principles that you can stand upon confidently. We chat…

God Lessons in Everyday Life with Caitlin Henderson

God Lessons in Everyday Life {Podcast #806}

If you stopped for a moment and reflected on the last 24 hours, would you be able to recognize the hand of God moving in your life? Could you see the lessons He has for you in the mundane and chaos? His provisions in the hardships and abundance? His extravagant race and radical mercy in the middle of a life you didn’t plan but know deeply that it is divinely ordained? Maybe you can raise your hands in a hearty, “Absolutely!” knowing God is in the details of your life. Or maybe you find yourself in a season of suffering,…

Rooted and Established with Mazi Robinson {Podcast 805}

Rooted and Established with Mazi Robinson {Podcast #805}

What would your life look like if you were deeply rooted in your faith and equally established by the love of God? Maybe you’ve not thought about these two aspects as it pertains to your emotional and relational health before, presuming that simply having faith is enough? Or that knowing God can be enough, even if you don’t personally feel a manifestation of His love. On this episode of the More to Be podcast, I am joined by Mazi Robison, a woman passionate about God’s purposes and presence in our lives. She is equally committed to helping women uncover emotional…

Out of the Shadows of 9/11 {Podcast #804}

Do you remember where you were when you learned of the brutal terrorist attacks on 9/11? For Christina Ray Stanton, that day will forever be imprinted upon her heart and mind in a way that many of us could not even imagine. It is for that reason, I count it a privilege and honor to have Christina on the podcast during the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Living only six blocks from the Twin Towers, Christina and her husband Brian, as well as their dog, felt and saw the attack first hand. Not only did they endure a harrowing escape from…


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