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How do you change your habits and thinking?

First off, change is really possible. Second, change is hard because it takes work and time. Third, changing our behavior, permanently, often requires more than just will power; it requires a change in our thinking and the state of our heart. So, if you really want to change, I suggest you do the following: Evaluate the behaviors you want to change. Be honest by comparing them to Scripture. Pray and ask God to show you why you act the way you do and why or when those beliefs began. Take your beliefs and look to the Scriptures to find out…

What should we do when are REALLY angry? Should we tell God?

Anger is an emotion that usually rears its ugly head when an injustice is felt. Sometimes that injustice is real — like the sudden death of a loved one. Other times it is personal — like when life doesn’t go your way. Sometimes anger is the response to feeling attacked or treated unfairly. No matter what the source of the anger, it wells up inside and often seems uncontrollable. The most important thing to remember is that anger, in and of itself is not wrong. But what you do with that anger can be very wrong. God says in Ephesians…


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