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Cultivating Healthy Friendship and Wise Boundaries {For Our Tweens & Teens}

Cultivating Healthy Friendships and Wise Boundaries {For Our Tweens & Teens}

How do you know if a friendship is healthy or on the brink of dysfunction? And how do you know when to put up boundaries, and what exactly those boundaries should look like? Wouldn’t you agree that as moms, these are questions we face not only in our own friendships but also as we help our children navigate their peer relationships? How do we love like Jesus but also care for our hearts well? It ain’t easy, sister! I’ve had my own challenges in discerning when it is the right time to pull back or push into a friendship that…

The Need to Be Seen and Known

Drawing Together at the Well

Have you noticed how authentic friendships don’t just happen, but they have to be intentionally and sacrificially pursued? I’ve had to come to terms with this reality as I adjust to “real” life outside of the boarding school community where my husband and I lived with our family for eighteen years. You can imagine the stark contrast of being immersed in a community where we worked together, worshiped together, played together, and ate together. While I thoroughly appreciated the luxury of not having to cook dinner, the real gift was the time after dinner in the dining hall, when the students…

When the Loneliness Becomes Overwhelming

When the Loneliness Becomes Overwhelming

I walked into the room and saw women standing in small groups. They laughed, comparing notes about their summers. I stood alone with my three small boys, watching. Eventually I dropped off my children in their classes and made my way to the larger group, waiting for the women’s Bible study to begin. In my head, I wanted anonymity, but my heart wanted to be known. You might assume I was new to the group, but I had been working at this church for the past 8 years. Unfortunately, working half-time left me with few free “home days” for playdates,…

Three Ways to Help Your Daughter Shine Her God-Colors

Shining Our God-Colors

The Best. The Most Amazing. Absolutely the One. Without question, she’s a shining star. Aren’t these the words we crave to hear . . . from just one person in the flesh? We can’t help but want to have our value affirmed by those who know us best. And yet, sometimes all we hear is silence. That’s exactly what my life coaching client admitted when she confessed she simply wanted to be on someone’s top 10 list. Anyone’s. Honestly, I couldn’t blame her for feeling that way. She’s been hard at work in a rewardless field, crusading for a cause that has…

Tween Bible Study: Kindness is the New Cool

Tween Bible Study: Kind is the New Cool

Do you have a heart for encouraging the girls in your life? Would you like to invest a little bit of time with the hopes of speak truth into the next generation of young women? Well, this tiny little bible study for tween girls is designed to help you simply and purposefully reach out to the girls the Lord has placed in your world. In particular, this study is touches on an important topic: how to navigate relationships in a way that makes kindness cool. Consider this topically focus on kindness as the anti-dote to the frenemy epidemic. Oh yes, let’s face it:…


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