Life Coaching Worksheets

If you’re interested in embracing the process of spiritual and whole-life transformation, the best place to start is with the truth that comes through assessing reality and getting honest with God.

But where do you start in that prayerful, self-awareness journey?

The simplest first steps can begin by using the following collection of life coaching worksheets. These downloadable worksheets are provided to my clients and can enable you to gain clarity and perspective as you prepare your heart and mind to hear from God and see His purposes afresh.

Core Values and Core Beliefs

Understanding the impact of our Core Values and Core Beliefs is critical when it comes to assessing our overall life satisfaction and direction.

Core Values Worksheet

When our values and beliefs line up, especially with Biblical truth, we experience a sense of peace and purpose. When our values and beliefs are in conflict, we will struggle internally and often externally

Core Beliefs Worksheet

Identifying what we believe and what we value — or what we think is most important — will help us make wise decisions, implement healthy boundaries, and communicate with others in a more effective way.

Time Evaluation Worksheet

Are you struggling to figure out how to use your time? Do you feel like you’re unproductive? Overly busy? Not living out your priorities, core values, or core beliefs? This worksheet can help you gain clarity through honest reflection and prayerful planning going forward.

Time Evaluation Worksheet

Life Mapping Worksheet

What exactly is filling up your time? Are you aware of the responsibilities and relationships that vie for your attention? The Life Mapping Worksheet will help you see your life from a bird’s eye view and prayerfully seek the Lord for any necessary changes.

Life Mapping Worksheet

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