Especially for Moms

From the moment of conception, a women’s heart is turned inside out with emotion as she begins to live as a mother.

Her hopes, dreams, plans, and secret vows work their way into her heart and mind for the sake of her child, until suddenly a little bundle of joy bursts forth with an agenda and plan all their own.

Wired by God and created for a distinct purpose to fulfill this side of eternity, a mom is left with the task of training up a child in the way she or he should go, even though she is still wrestling through finding her own identity and calling.

It is no easy feat to be a mother.  Infant years are sleepless.  Toddler years are on the go.  The early school years are filled with new opportunities and challenges of letting go. Tweens and teens leave new stretch marks and birth pangs.  College somethings still need a momma, but only on their terms.

The journey of motherhood requires grace, flexibility, consistency, and perseverance.

It also requires the fellowship of mothers who have been there, done that, and can offer a few words of wisdom along the way.

At More to Be, we believe that raising children is a privilege to hold carefully, so we are here to support moms with relevant resources packed with Biblical truth, especially as they adventure through the tween and teen years with their children.

We want this generation of women to live out their faith gracefully, humbly, and courageously, because our girls, especially, need moms confident in their identity in Christ, who are passionate about passing on their faith.

So what you’ll find at More to Be will be words written by women who care deeply about equipping moms like you…


Mentoring & Training

learn how to become an intentional Biblical mentor especially with your daughters and their friends

Life Coaching for Moms

find out how life coaching can help you improve your communication skills, parenting, and relationships

Grace Chats

use the Grace Chats concept to connecting moms of tweens and teens in real life

ETC  or Mugs & Morning Mentoring

consider starting a mentoring group for your daughter and her friends

The Tool Shop

make the most of our curriculum-without-the-binding resources on topics relevant to the girls (and sometimes guys) in your life

Real Answers

consider these questions asked by real teens and answered with Biblical wisdom

Resources for Moms & Mentors

links to ministry websites, books, and studies


a place to connect daily at More to Be and be equipped with the latest resources

We hope and pray all that we offer inspires you to become the woman, and especially mother,  God intended.



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