{download} Prayer: Ideas for Opening Up to God

Have you ever noticed how simple it is for little ones to pray?

They just give thanks…

“Jesus, thank you for this day and that we got to play outside and that mommy’s dad came for a visit and that it is nana’s birthday.  She’s lived a long time.  Thanks, God.”

They simply say it as it is…

“God, it would be really nice to not have to go to school tomorrow.  But I know I have to.”

They have the desires of God wrapped in their little hearts…

“Jesus, I want my aunt to know you, so I am going to tell her about you today and share with her from my Bible story book.”

But something happens when we mature.

We lose our innocence and become more conscious of our words.  Maybe it stems from being disappointed by God.  Maybe we’re guarded because we were teased by an older sibling during bedtime prayers.  Maybe we struggle with fear and insecurity and inadequacy plaguing our identity and stifling our speech.  Maybe we don’t know what to say or how to say it to our Holy God, forgetting that He is still our loving Father.

Do you struggle with your prayer life?

This download, Prayer:  Ideas for Opening Up to God, is written especially for you.  Packed full of encouraging ideas, it is totally appropriate for a tween, teen, or twenty-something to gain a framework for establishing a prayer life and yet also challenges a spiritually mature mom or mentor to engage in an open dialogue with God.


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9 thoughts on “{download} Prayer: Ideas for Opening Up to God”

  1. Thank you so much for the free download. I just printed off my copy and placed it in my prayer basket to read first thing in the morning after my prayer time with God. I love that you mention how easy it seems for kids to pray and speak their hearts without being concerned about their words offending others. My six year old is just like that. I hope and pray she remains that way forever. I don’t ever want her to feel like she can’t or shouldn’t speak God’s word to others.

    1. Thanks, Rosann, for sharing how you’ll use this download. Isn’t it great how we can even learn how to pray from our young children. That’s how God wants us…with the faith of a child!

  2. How wonderful that God is using you to encourage us all to pray differently. I am just now learning to use God’s word to pray and I love it. Thank you for the free download. Yes, children just pray so freely.

    1. Dionne, so glad to be able to share this resource with you. Everything at More to Be is an overflow of my real life (and others, too). It is our blessing and honor to share the lessons.

  3. The “come as a child” is a theme God has in my life the past week! It’s the simplicity, honesty, trusting of children that He loves – taking my hands off! Thanks for sharing. God Bless you!

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