More Bright, More Beautiful



 How do you define beauty?


How are you impacting the next generation’s definition of beauty?

Let us help you create a culture of living beautiful today. 
Use our resources and free downloads to host an event or
lead a small group discussion on redefining beauty.
If God is moving your heart in this direction,
contact Lisa by email at lisa(at)moretobe(.).com.
She is available to answer your questions and
is also willing to prayerfully consider speaking at your event.


…linking up with Wordfilled Wednesday, Women Living Well Wednesday, Raising Homemakers…

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5 thoughts on “More Bright, More Beautiful”

  1. Lisa!
    This is fabulous! I’m waiting for Hayden at TKD tonight and I’m going home to listen to the video…this may be something for my girls & I to look into!
    love it!
    keep doing kingdom work girl! keep on!

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