{Giveaway} Because I’m Redeemed by Grace

Nearly 20 years ago, my life was tracking toward nothing short of destruction.  I truly believe that the only reason I am alive today is because God’s hand held my life in His grip through the worst part of my rebellious years. The vivid memories of my reckless past still flash before my mind’s eye, as I shuttle my girls to and from basketball or run another trip out to the mall.  A whiff of a beer or a look in a teenager’s eye strike through my heart with painful truth heal by grace.

I should have died.

Sure, some would like to say I was just a kid, not knowing any better as I risked my lives and others.

Driving recklessly. Drinking uncontrollably. Hooking up without a care. Fists pounding out loud with wicked rage.

The truth of the matter I should be dead. 

Or worse.  Someone else ought to have died on my account.

The other truth is that I should be miserable.

But I am not. 

I am not only living, but I am ALIVE!

Alive with joy in my heart and praise on my tongue for the God who saved me from myself.

Because of the great rescue by my One and Only Savior!

Jesus tore open my heart, releasing guilt and shame, taking it upon Himself on the cross.

At first, He was my ticket to heaven.

Later He became my way to God, Himself.

And now He is the reason I rest in joy.

Because of Him, I breathe grace and live redeemed each day as I experience His love tangibly.

His love through the smushy kisses of my adoring son.

His love through the poke-fun-at-me-gently-because-he-knows-me-so-well-and-still-wants-me-husband.

His love each time I’m face to face with a teen living in my former shoes, and I have the chance to be who I needed back then.

His love that has enabled me to forgive and receive forgiveness.

His love.

It is shaped by redeemed grace.

I want that for you.


Redeemed Everything Beautiful Earrings

Redeemed Grace Fashion Cuff

Redeemed Grace Key Chain


A Redeemed Gift & Giveaway

With a grateful heart for the fact that I am, indeed, redeemed, it blesses me to share with you a gift from DaySpring that has touched my heart and caused me to see His love anew.  DaySpring has graciously offered a beautiful set of Redeemed pieces, which includes the Everything Beautiful Earrings,  Grace Fashion Cuff, and Grace Key Chain, to one special winner selected randomly from our entries. These pieces have become a sweet reminder that God’s grace is indeed tangible.

God’s grace is as solid and firm as the cuff wrapped around my wrist. 

God’s grace whispers in my ear His love, so gently as the earrings that dangle beside my neck…a neck no long stiff-necked because of the work of the Savior in my life! 

And as I go to and from my home, I am reminded by the key chain clutched in my hands that God’s grace is with me, all the time, no matter my destination. 

Honestly, I’m thrilled DaySpring has made this set, for it is simply an outward sign of the inward marks inscribed in my heart.  It is an honor to share it with you!  I hope you win the giveaway!

There are endless ways to gain entries in the giveaway, which closes on May 30th, 2012, including a special link up opportunity on May 30th!  Be sure to come back with a post sharing about how God has redeemed your life!

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