31 Days of TWOgether: Creative Ideas for Moms & Daughters

We’re joining the Nester and thousands of other bloggers in the 31 Days series this month, but instead of posting here every day, we’re bringing you our 31 Days of TWOgether series to you as a FREE download for subscribers.


At More to Be, we’re pretty crazy about offering ways for moms to connect with their girls, but we also know coming up with creative ideas and carving out the time can be a challenge. Between sports games, homework, lessons, friends, parties, and special events, the calendar gets filled up before we even have a moment to plan out what’s for dinner.

If we’re not intentional about connecting, it just won’t happen.  And yet these millennial girls in our midst crave our attention and influence!  They want our time and involvement in their lives, but may not come on out and ask us directly. 


31 Days of TWOgether

When you look back on your time with your daughter, do you really want to feel like you missed out on the opportunities to spend quality time together? No. We don’t think so! 

That’s why these 31 Days of TWOgether ideas are especially designed to encourage moms like you to grab moments throughout a YEAR (not a month, that would be just crazy!) to connect with your tween, teen, and even 20 something daughter. These ideas can also be easily adapted for a mentor to reach out to a girl in her life, too.

Our hope is that you’ll look through the list and pick your top 12, then schedule TWOgether Time on the calendar before the days disappear.  We encourage you to make time to pray about your plan, as you reach out to connect with you girl in an eternally-minded way.

May this adventure be covered in God’s grace and much light-hearted fun!


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We were delighted to offer 31 Days of TWOgether free to our subscribes in October 2013.

To get a copy of it now, click here.


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