Even Moms Are Looking for Answers

for_moms_buttonWhen I started More to Be, it was really because I had this gut feeling that the questions asked by teens in my own living room were likely questions girls around this country (and maybe around the world) were also wondering. I wanted a way to get truth-filled answers into their hands, and especially wanted those hands to be more than virtual.

It was my hope and prayer that moms would come across More to Be in their search for answers and be able to grab our resources to get some much needed together time with their girls. I also dreamed about ETC and Mugs & Mornings groups starting up, led by moms and women with a heart for the next generation.

Nearly three years later, I’m stunned by how God is moving and working through More to Be with mentoring groups popping up around the country, women’s study groups using Impact My Life: Biblical Mentoring Simplified, and downloads of the FREE Topics & Truth resources happening daily around the world.


Are you a mom looking for answers?

But behind the scenes, I’m still living life as a mentor and mom looking for answers while responding to questions raised by new mentor girls every year along with my own teenage daughters.

I may run a ministry that promises answers, but I certainly don’t have all the answers.

I’m just like my mama-friends, on a search for answers when it comes to raising their children.

Join me over at The Better Mom where I share the precious hope and truth the Lord revealed to me as I responded to my mama-friends looking for answers, too.

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