Because It Feels Like 800 Hours of Mothering A Day

I confess. There are days in which it feels like I’m serving my family more than 800 hours. Oh, I know that’s an exaggeration, but in the moments it feels like reality.

The needs pressing in never seem to lessen.

As my girls have become teens and the littles way more independent, the type of effort I must put forth has most definitely changed. Gone are the days of diaper changes, but that doesn’t mean my tedious work is over. Instead, it’s more of the heart kind spent listening and encouraging and praying for a holy breakthrough.

Time is Sacred

[Tweet “The fact is that the value of my work can’t be measured in minutes. Neither can the value of yours, sweet momma.”]

Our time devoted to caring for the needs of our family is priceless and can not be measured in hours or minutes nor in dollars or cents.

We certainly need to number our days, so that we may gain our heart of wisdom. And if we want to count our hours, we’d ought to do it with the eternal reward in mind.

So, if you’re feeling weary and wondering if your investment counts for anything, join me over at The Better Mom where I’m sharing why I won’t count my hours but how I’ll measure it carefully.




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