Being a Message Bearer of the Good News

Wouldn’t you agree that being a message bearer is no easy thing? It’s a responsibility and calling. It’s a burden and privilege. It is full of blessings and too many trials.

But have you considered that it’s been this way since the very beginning?

Oh yes, since the days when Jesus’ followers first stepped forth to bring the Good News to listening ears and longing hearts, being a message bearer meant saying yes to rejections and trials and uncertain futures.

All we have to do is look deeper into Paul’s letters to find the tension points. I suppose we can consider him one of the first message bearers of the Gospel, so he knows this journey better than anyone. His words penned for the Corinthians couldn’t be any more relevant today. Whether we’re bloggers or authors, speakers or ministry leaders, or simply using our social media channels and in real life connections to proclaim the Good News, the opposition we will face was first endured by Paul. So as we press on to be a testimony to God’s work and an ambassador of the Gospel, maybe we ought to take our cues from him.

In a time when platform is the thing to achieve, and every guru would like to declare how to get there, Paul paints another pathway for being a message-bearer of the Good News.

Being a Modern-Day Message Bearer of the Good News

Paul reminds us that our stories are always about God’s glory. 

Because it’s about God’s power at work in His plans.

Paul’s call is counter-cultural. Come to think of it, so was the one given by Jesus. Didn’t He teach that the first shall be last? Was He not the crucified King? So how do we follow His example today?

How do we embrace the call to tell His story as it’s manifested in our lives for His glory, without it becoming clouded by impure motives for attention or worldly success? In the same way, Satan baited Eve with a “did God really say” question in the Garden of Eden, he twists our needs into plots of scheming and manipulating to get to our end goal. When we’re in an environment where it appears that “everyone else is doing it that way,” isn’t it that much more tempting?

We are forced to consider how to steward our calling.

How much time should we devote to social media and networking? How can we reach those we feel God has called us to serve using our gifts and talents, without being misunderstood as trying to sell ourselves?  How do we maintain the balance between financial integrity and irresponsibility? Between trusting the Lord to meet the needs and being foolish with our giftings and resources?

Friend, I don’t have a blanket answer for you. We can’t create a master template that fits everyone perfectly. It’s a heart-life-stewardship matter. God knows our circumstances and needs. He knows our motives and whom we seek to please. If we’re willing to be honest with Him and empty ourselves of our own agendas, I do believe He’ll give us the wisdom and discernment we’re looking for. 

The Holy Spirit is eager to lead us in this message-bearing calling for God’s glory.

God has already given us principles to heed — we simply need to look at them through our modern-day lenses.

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God is the one that calls us. He is the one that qualifies us. And He is always the one that provides. Because He wants the glory steeped in His story.

I pray that if you are a kindred message bearer, you’ll find deep hope in knowing the struggle is real, you are not alone, and God has His hand on you as you steward this calling. May you sense His presence, His leading, and be quick to yield your heart to Him.

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