Be Made New – Part 2 {Podcast 104}

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In this episode, your hosts, Elisa Pulliam and Angela Sackett, discuss the topic “Be Made New.” Listen in to hear Angela share her personal story and talk about God’s working in making us new, through Ephesians 2:1-10.

Highlights & Reflection Guide

We can dance in this truth – in Christ, we are no longer dead – we are ALIVE. – Angela

We “were dead” - DOA - without Christ, and God breathed life into us.Click To Tweet

Sometimes we are so close to our own story, it doesn’t make sense; we need to step back to see God’s design of our lives. – Elisa

We are the artwork of our maker - the Artist. You can see the mark of the Maker.

Being made new is a process of reflecting God’s artistry and living out His calling.Click To Tweet

We literally are the artwork of our maker – the Artist.  You can see the mark of the Maker. – Angela

We need to live in community with others who will challenge us to walk in the transformation God is calling us to.Click To Tweet

Are we looking at our tapestry from God's vantage point?

Are we looking at our tapestry from God’s vantage point? – Elisa

We reflect His artistry, and we have a purpose in the Kingdom and the lives of others.”– Angela


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