Revealed: A Story About Following God

How often do you find yourself looking at someone and making up your mind about that person without really knowing them?

Do you look at people through your own eyes or through the lens God provides in His Word — the lens of the Cross cleansed with love and grace to look beyond what the eye can see?

Revealed: A Story About Following God


When it comes to yourself, are you caught up in your own insecurities and hang-ups or are you willing to follow God blindly?

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In Revealed, the first of three books in The Angel Thread Series, these questions are asked as we encounter the characters in search for answers.

Ethan Rogers, an artist by design has long ago given up on the quest for his father’s approval. When presented with the challenge hidden in the private world of a fifteen-year-old locked in a prison of autism, he has a choice to make: is he going to hide behind his insecurities or is he going to dig into His Godly purpose and abilities and find the boy, Jesse Landon. Something that can only happen by a miracle. When he encounters Jesse in an unprecedented display of art, he is drawn to him . . . the way he is drawn to art.

Mandy Landon, the woman who sees herself as unqualified and unworthy to be loved by God, is desperate for a way inside the private world of her son. He is the reason for her existence, but she can find no connection. When she allows Ethan into their lives she discovers more than she has ever dreamt of.

Ethan believes miracles are happening every day, at the most unlikely times and unexpected places. But will Ethan’s efforts, Mandy’s prayers and the presence of art be enough to unlock the prison that contains Jesse? While believing for a miracle for Jesse, Ethan finds himself in need of a miracle and becomes the reason for everyone’s prayer.

While events are taking place on earth, nothing escapes the eyes of God and His angelic armies as He orchestrates the divine outcomes painted by His hand.

To continue exploring these questions through the characters in Revealed,
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