Have you de-spiritualized wellness?

Have you de-spiritualized wellness?

What I mean is have you focused wholeheartedly toward growing spiritually and serving others, especially in a ministry context, while dismissing the care of your physical body?

Have you resigned yourself to being as you are when it comes to your health, never expecting to change your habits nor your weight, your medical condition nor your lifestyle?

Have you de-spiritualized wellness? #MoreToBe #Wellness #SpiritualGrowth

My mother-in-law is one of the most godliest women I know. She loves the Lord and submits to His sovereignty in every way. She’s been diligent over her lifetime to studying Scripture and being in Bible study. She served the church in multiple ways, without burning herself out. And she also set a beautiful example for me by devoting herself to staying fit with an exercise routine (she works out more in her late 80s than I’m doing in my 40s), eating well, and being attentive to her medical care.

To be honest, I’m certain my mother-in-law would be shocked that I’m pointing toward her as a source of inspiration . . . but she is. I can promise you this, she is definitely shocked at how I’ve become equally as focused on my health.

Neither of us ever saw that coming!

I spent my entire adult life sick, struggling with IBS as well as join paint from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I thought that would never change, but I was desperate enough to find out.

Sometimes the cost of staying “as is” is worse than the risk of change.

In the summer of 2017, I began using essential oils as a non-toxic way to care for my health. A year later, I embarked on my first Whole30 journey to figure out what was going on with my gut and causing me to be so sick.

Sometimes the cost of staying "as is" is worse than the risk of change. - Elisa Pulliam #MoreToBe #Wellness #Coaching #SpiritualTransformation #HolyWhole

Being so sick is what compelled me to make the steps toward change . . . and as a result, I’ve experienced another layer of healing I didn’t even realize was possible.

Twenty-five years ago, God rescued my soul, bringing me to faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Ten years ago, God rescued my heart, transforming it from stone to flesh as He revealed the bitterness, shame, guilt, and unforgiveness store up inside and equipped me to walk in humility, repentance, and forgiveness.

This year, God rescued my body, showing me the damage I was doing through the way I was living.


It's time to stop de-spiritualizing wellness and start caring for the body God gave you to do the work He called you to. #moretobe #lifecoaching #wellnesscoaching #whole30


God has been about the business of transforming my life from the inside out.

He wants to do that in you too!

Not just in me. But also in you.

So are ready to become a woman wholeheartedly devoted to God, in mind, soul, and body?

We are the living, breathing, moving vehicles God chooses to work through. So don’t you want your body, along with your mind and heart, to be in best shape possible?

If you are ready to make uncover what is standing in the way of living holy and wholeheartedly devoted to God, then join me in the journey of becoming Holy Whole.


Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge Coaching Group #MoreToBe #Wellness #Holiness


The Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge Coaching Group is for every woman who is ready to get real with God and experience a fresh encounter with God and His Word, so that we can be transformed and impact this world with Kingdom hope.

May we, together, watch Him unleash His spirit and power, grace and mercy, love and truth, changing our lives from the inside out.

To learn more and enroll in the next Holy Whole challenge, click here.

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