The God Who Sees | Encounter God #3

Do you feel like God sees you?

Does it feel like you are living behind a wall that God has chosen to not step behind?

Maybe you’re aware of His sights set on you, but to everyone else, you appear to be invisible.

What options do you have but to feel like you do? Circumstances seem to prove your feelings true, right?

Maybe you feel like Sarai did, worried that God might not show up to keep His promises. Maybe you’re tempted like her, to start plotting and scheming a new way to solve a problem He seems to have forgotten.


It’s safe to say that anytime we let our thoughts wander and give way to big ideas that commence with a perhaps, we’d be wise to a holy pause . . . a hard stop . . . and consider . . . the outcome of Sarai’s choices.

Maybe you’re not necessarily a perhaps kind of girl, but rather you’re a runaway on the move, just like Hagar. She had enough of the tormenting and abuse she suffered because of a plot that went wrong for Sarai. Who could blame her? I imagine that if Scripture was written in today’s vernacular, she may have said, “What the heck? I don’t deserve to be treated this way. I’m outta here. God must have been out of His ever-loving-mind.”

So Hagar took off, but God was on her heels. He sought her out. He found her. He called her by name. He understood her role. He provided for her in the middle of her suffering. He made a way for her to see Him and know Him.

God Who Sees

No matter the obstacle or suffering or silence or affliction facing you today, God knows and sees you. He is offering you something far greater than the outcome you’re hoping for, just like He did for Hagar and Sarai.

We know from this vantage point that God didn’t turn away from them. He was right there. He saw it all. He was present, and that is exactly what Hager chose to focus on. She didn’t declare that He is a God who gives sons like wild donkeys. Imagine that! Rather, she recognized that the gift was in the presence of the Giver.

She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”

Genesis 16:13 NIV

At the very moment when Hagar thought she was the furthest away from God, she discovered that He saw her completely.

As my friend said to me years ago, when it appears that God is NOwhere, He’s NOWhere. That was true for Hagar as much as it is true for us today.

Let’s Pray

You are the God who sees. You don’t turn a blind out toward me. You are aware of my longings. You know of the injustices and hardships I face and refuse to abandon me. You are ever present in every moment, even if when I have turned my back on You. You follow me when I try to run away. You rescue me, even when I take matters into my own hands. Thank you, God, for always pursuing me. Thank you for being the God who sees me. May I see you more clearly as I shift my focus onto you and off of my circumstances. May I pay more attention to you, the Giver, rather the gift I’m after.

In the Strong Name of Jesus, Amen.

"You are  the God who sees me," for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”

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Note: For my personal study through God’s Word and also in preparation for this series, I chose the She Reads Truths bible because I was interested in studying a new translation, the Christian Standard Bible, and attracted to the layout and margin space for notetaking. This Bible also includes devotionals, however, I do not read them until after I have done my own study of the Word and reflection culminating in the Wednesday in the Word content as I want there to be no risk of plagiarism. The similarities you will find in what I’ve written and the devotional on page 33, is a reflection of the Holy Spirit working through us both. It’s remarkable, as it as confirmation of God’s truth.

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1 thought on “The God Who Sees | Encounter God #3”

  1. Thank you Elisa!

    This is also the focus of my heart this year 2020, the scripture name of GOD,
    “EL ROI.”

    “El roi”….the GOD who sees us, saying this word means a lot. It means GOD sees us 24/7. GOD knows everything about us.

    All our emotions and thoughts,
    GOD knows.

    All our struggles, our heart’s longing, everything, GOD knows.

    And so because GOD sees us, He will also come to our aid and meet all our needs.

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