Obedience Over Hustle with Malinda Fuller {Podcast 507}

Does the idea of hustle motivate you or make you feel like you want to take a nap?

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of fully obeying God in spite of the pull on your heart to heed His still small voice?

Maybe your answer is YES to both these questions, as opposite as they may seem.

On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’m joined by Malinda Fuller, author of Obedience over Hustle: The Surrender of a Striving Heart, for a deeply meaningful reflection on what it looks like to simply obey God and cease the endless hustle. For Malinda, that turn began rather dramatically, and she’s not looked back.

Her thoughts about finding a rhythm, cultivating routines, and making the moments together count the most are both inspiring and practical. She is a homeschooling mom to two spirited girls, on her latest adventure with her husband, Alex, living in an RV and traveling for his work.

This episode will inspire you to live in the freedom of obedience instead of the bondage of hustle.

Timeless Truths

We’re going to live with less so that we can experience more. – Malinda

The rhythm of our families allows movement as a family. Create your rhythms that are non-negotiable. – Malinda

Gratitude is a choice. – Malinda

The right thing  at the wrong time  is the wrong thing.

What you do together is more important than where you do it. – Elisa

It comes back to relationships and how we make memories together. – Elisa

It’s exhausting to live in the hustle. Relationships get sacrificed for the hustle. -Malinda

The right thing as the wrong time is the wrong thing. – Malinda

The signs of hustle are clear. Mental burnout. Physical burnout. The strain on your relationships. Something has to give. – Malinda

The closer we walk with Jesus, the more we spend time with Him, the more we will know His voice.

Often the hard things we are enduring are self-inflicted. – Malinda

We’ve got to drill down to our motive which keeps us from saying no. – Elisa

The driving force behind the hustle is a deeper issue . . . an identity issue. – Elisa

Simply. Cease. Endlessly. Striving.

If Jesus can obey His Father in matters of life and death, why can’t I obey in much smaller matters?- Malinda

Jesus obeyed . . . to the death. – Malinda

The closer we walk with Jesus, the more we spend time with Him, the more we will know His voice. – Malinda

Jesus never called us to be busy.

We also need those who know His voice to help us course correct. – Malinda

We simply need to cease the endless striving. – Elisa

Jesus never called us to be busy. – Malinda

It’s time to learn how to Sabbath well. – Elisa

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