Meant for Good with Megan Fate Marshman {Podcast #547}

Do you find reading your Bible to be a chore?

Is being honest with your community about your relationship with Jesus a challenge?

Do you struggle with what good God intended for your life?

In the latest episode of the More to Be Podcast with author, speaker, and ministry leader, Megan Fate Marshman, we unpack what it looks like to change our perspective and ask new questions when it comes to studying Scripture. We also consider the importance of living in honest community and how to embrace “the good that we were meant for.”

If you are looking for advice on how to study Scripture and how to understand God’s Word in its intended context, then this podcast is for you.

Megan Bio

Megan Fate Marshman loves God and His church. In addition to speaking internationally to a wide variety of audiences, Megan serves as a women’s ministry pastor at Arbor Road Church and Director of Women’s Ministries at Hume Lake Christian Camps. Her latest book, Meant for Good, is a power-packed, biblical look at the truth that you really can trust God’s plan for your life–no matter what your life looks like right now. She loves sharing Jesus at churches, conferences, university chapels, and dinner tables. She currently lives in Lakewood, California with her husband and two boys.

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If Bible reading feels like a duty, it is possible for there to be more. – Megan

We think that the catalyst for others to grow is us being smart — it’s not. It is just us being real. – Megan

Megan Quote 1

Nobody can let down their weakness, unless somebody reveals their weakness.” – Lisa

There is a time I would’ve said I want to live courageous. Now I just want to live being honest. – Lisa

For everyone who wants to have spiritual growth, slow it down, allow Him to do the deep work. – Megan

Bible Quote 1

“I was the main character of my quiet time. No wonder I walked away thirsty! – Megan

  1. What is true about God?
  2. What are you trying to reveal about me?
  3. Holy Spirit, how are you leading me to respond?

If I walk away both humbled and empowered, simultaneously, I know I am probably reading it right. – Megan

Do you really know who I am apart from what you want me to do? – Lisa

What does it look like to pull back and bless the Lord and know who he is and understand his character and nature? – Lisa

If your mind begins spinning, ever, just know that is a good place. It leads you to a place of authentic worship instead of fabricated worship. – Megan

Megan Quote 2

God’s definition of good is to make you look more like his Son. – Megan

We want the good as we define it and the plans as we want it, instead of yielding to what that looks like as God makes us more like him. – Lisa

Lisa Quote 1

You can find God everywhere if you are searching for Him. – Megan

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