It is Time for Healing {Podcast #706}

Are you ready to experience the kind of breakthrough with God that leads to wholehearted healing and well-being? Wouldn’t that be remarkable — to be free of the habits and hang-ups that hold you back from aligning with His best?

If you answered yes, like most of us, then it is time to discover what is standing in the way of experiencing the emotional and spiritual healing you crave.

It is time for healing!

On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’m joined by Kalie Kelch as we embrace a deep journey into the first part of Hebrews 12, where God invites us once again to see Him as our loving Father and embrace the work He desires to accomplish in our life. It is a perfect continuation of our Let Go & Live: A Vision for Breakthrough Bible study, as this passage not only challenges us to embrace our position as adopted children of God by faith in Jesus Christ but also to understand the nuances of being trained up through discipline.

You might be wondering, but what does this have to do with healing? Well, sisters, grab your Bible and carve out space to study God’s Word with us and you’ll find out.

Yes, God is eager to meet you right where you are and bring about a radical transformation in your heart and mind that will result in a different way of thinking and living . . . an ultimately aligning with His best for your life.

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Truths to Remember

As God’s children, He’s molding us and shaping us. That’s His love for us. – Kalie

Shame separates and disconnects us. – Elisa

The shaming of Jesus on the cross was the very thing God used to connect us to Him. – Elisa

Jesus endured for the joy that was awaiting Him, but in that moment, He did not know what was beyond the grave. – Kalie

Soak in this grace from God . . . He acknowledges that as parents, we’re doing the best we know how. – Elisa

We need to redefine discipline, seeing God’s discipline of us as training not harmful. – Elisa

Shame is wounding, belittling, and isolating. That is not of God. – Elisa

We learn enough bad information by age four to shape us for the rest of our life. – Elisa

How have our early relationships impacted the way we connect with others in our adult life, including ourselves and God? – Elisa

Understanding our story formation provides information for how to move forward into healing. – Elisa

The training with God doesn’t stop. As we get to know Him more, we get to grow more. – Kalie

Can we take a step back and take joy in the journey? – Kalie

There is no such thing as “knowing how to be a Christian,” because it is a process of becoming. – Kalie & Elisa

Just live. – Elisa

Can we let our body — emotionally and physically — find the next bit of strength. – Elisa

Just when we think we’re never going to get there, we’ll nearly be there in our training and it will click. – Elisa

When we are tuned into God, we’ll hear His voice and it will change our next move. – Elisa

God’s discipline is His way of training our mind and body and soul, giving way to becoming healed and made whole. – Elisa

There are times in which we need to seek out the care of a mental health professional to be used in God’s healing work of our mind and heart, in the same way we don’t hesitate to seek out a doctor to care for our ailing body. – Elisa

God won’t hesitate to show us the dislocated parts of our lives to reveal the places we need to embrace His healing work. – Elisa

Jesus is your healer, and He will use the body in His remarkable, redeeming, restorative work. – Elisa

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