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When Fear Overtakes Your Life

When Fear Threatens to Overtake Your Life

I’ll never forget the day my oldest came home from kindergarten with her ABC Bible Memory Verse assignment. With her three little fingers held up in front of my face, she declared, “W. What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee” (Psalm 56:3 KJV).  I shook my head at the Lord and said, “Really? This is for me, right?”  Fear has been my middle name since I was little girl, although you’d never know it by looking at the way I’ve lived.  I’ve managed to mask my fear with the appearance of strength, embodying all the mantras from…

When Your Work and Life is Redefined

When Your Work and Life Life is Redefined

Are you in a season of your work and life being re-defined? If you’re reading this in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic that swept our world, my guess is that your answer is “yes.” We’ve had our “normal” rocked. As I confessed in my last devotion, I struggle to not choose work over everything else, especially relationships. Nothing like experiencing stay-at-home orders to make that tendency all the more evident. How do I balance work with family? How do I walk in faith but steward my responsibilities well? Maybe your work right now isn’t only your paid job but…

Learning to Just Be Still with God

Learning to Just Be Still with God

Just be. How can two little words hold so much emotion and meaning? On the one hand, just be may feel like a deep cleansing exhale. A release of pressure. A stepping away from all responsibilities. A surrender of unrealistic expectations. One the other hand, just be could feel like handcuffs restricting you from that thing you feel compelled to do. Maybe it’s the dream you can’t wait to get started on. Maybe it is putting your hands to something, which gives you a sense of security when life spins out of control, albeit that may not be the best course of action.…

The Lord is My Banner | Encounter God #11

The Lord is My Banner | Encounter God #11

What do you picture when you think of a banner? Do you envision the ones you find in a high school gym, recognizing a championship? Do you see a banner hanging on a wall, announcing the reason for a celebration? Maybe you see two high-schoolers carrying a banner in front of the cheerleader, flag corp, and marching band in the Memorial Day Parade? When we think of the Lord as our Banner, I actually think all those various kinds of banners in light of this name that Moses gave to the Lord: Moses built an altar there and named it…

Three Ways to Not Give Up When Life is Overwhelming

3 Ways to Not Give Up When Life is Overwhelming

Are you tempted to give up on God or your commitment to living out your faith when life is overwhelming? I can certainly raise my hand! An ordinary day can be overwhelming enough when it comes to balancing motherhood, marriage, ministry, and work, nevermind what life feels like when the unexpected happens. Health issues for my daughter. House issues and too many sales guys trying to pitch solutions. A limping dog. Car dashboard lights flashing warnings. Dear friends going through horrible losses. Friends not being nice to friends. All that an add on a pandemic like the Coronavirus, and feeling out…

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