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How to Walk Out Marketplace Ministry

How to Walk Out Marketplace Ministry

Do you lead a ministry? Serve as a speaker? Work as a coach?   Then this episode on the Mimika TV Podcast is for you. Mimika Cooney and I chat about what it looks like to run a business that is ministry base. I share with her the mistakes I’ve made and the conclusions I’ve drawn through the lessons God has graciously led me through.     I pray this will help you find joy in your missional work and lead your ministry with a business mindset that is guilt-free and grace-giving. WATCH HERE Cultivate a Missional Marketing Mindset If…

In This Skin Podcast hosted by Jennie Scott with Elisa Pulliam

In This Skin, Giving God the Glory

What does it look like to live “in this skin” for God’s glory? For each of us, it will take on a different experience and expression. Ultimately, it’s about embracing the life God has given us as we surrender “what was,” explore “what is,” and choose to join God in the work that is to come. But what exactly does that look like? How do you know if you’re truly living in the skin you’re in without bitterness and discontentment, lacking in purpose and direction?   Join me on the In This Skin podcast hosted by Jennie G. Scott to listen to…

Fresh Encounters in Scripture with Elisa Pulliam and Kat Lee on the Hello Mornings Podcast

Fresh Encounters with God in the Scriptures

Would you like to know how consistently diving into scripture can transform our minds to choose the truth first when life is hard? Listen to this short but application packed episode, Fresh Encounters in Scripture, on the Hello Mornings Podcast with Kat Lee. “Moving forward as a follower of Christ and living according to the truth of his word requires being in God’s word again and again and again like vitamins every day. So, when we need to fight a battle or endure a trial… the Holy Spirit is drawing upon the truths of scriptures that have already been filled in our…

Are you ready to have God change your life?

Are you ready for God to change your life?

What is holding you back from becoming the women you believe God intended? I’m not talking about the “ideal perfect woman.” She’s out of reach for all of us! Rather, what does it look like to be the kind of woman who embraces life honestly but with hope, knowing perfection doesn’t exist but transformation is indeed possible through a fresh encounter with God. I’ve discovered first hand that God wants to change us from the inside out, but He waits on our cooperation. We need to be willing to let Him into our hearts and minds so that He can…

Breaking Up with Social and Screens

Breaking Up with Social and Screens

Imagine what it would look like if we broke the bondage that has become of social media and screens. Oh yes, bondage, because we are indeed addicted. After all the research and in-real-life experimentation I’ve experienced, I’m certain that the dopamine loop has us in it’s grip and we’re enslaved to our screens. We’re addicted, like a drug user or alcoholic, but we don’t know the warning signs. We don’t know we need treatment. We don’t even realize how it’s changing who we are and the way we communicate with others.     Social and screens are so much apart…

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