{12 Eternal Gifts} Let my love…

Let my love surround you.

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Psalm 32:10
Many are the woes of the wicked, but the LORD’s unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in him.

Love.  It is something we desperately need and often demand.  We want to be loved.  And sometimes we want to give love.  But do we know what it means to be surrounded by love?

God’s unfailing love surrounds us, IF we put our trust in Him.  We can’t earn His love.  We can’t buy His love this Christmas time.  It doesn’t show up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in limited quantity.  God’s love doesn’t sell out.  Nor does it disappointment.  His love never fades away. It doesn’t come with term limits or conditions.  His love doesn’t boast and is not proud nor jealous nor self-seeking.

The Lord offers us the gift of His all-surrounding love.   Like a child’s hands stretched out for the gifts under the tree, we reach up toward our Father in Heaven and say “Yes, I receive this gift of love.  Surround me. I know you’re enough for me.  I trust you with my life, my all, my everything.”


Reflection Questions

  1. Take a few minutes to listen to “All to Jesus I Surrender.”  Worship with your heart and mind and body.
  2. Praise God for the gift of His Son by faith!
  3. Confess the ways you’ve resisted trusting God.
  4. Ask the Lord to fill you with a deeper sense of His love surrounding you today.


Treasuring 12 Eternal Gifts

Join in today by leaving a link to a post, a Facebook thought, a Tweet, or a comment sharing about today’s gift. Feel free to include a verse, song, picture or personal reflection. Feel free to post the button at your blog or Facebook page, and spread the word. It would be fantastic to have a community treasuring God’s gifts together.


Day 1 ~ Let my Spirit fill you.
Day 2 ~ Let my Word satisfy you.

Day 3 ~ Let my Living Water refresh you.

Day 4 ~ Let my love surround you.

Day 5 ~ Let my forgiveness heal you.
Day 6 ~ Let my grace transform you.
Day 7 ~ Let my mercy undo you.
Day 8 ~ Let my purposes direct you.
Day 9 ~ Let my plans delight you.
Day 10 ~ Let me. Let me in.
Day 11 ~ Let me rule. Let me reign.
Day 12 ~ For my glory.

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8 thoughts on “{12 Eternal Gifts} Let my love…”

  1. This song was one of the first songs I heard when I finally began to lay my all on the altar to the Lord. What a sweet journey it has been always growing closer to the Lord, learning to daily surrender and trust Him.

  2. May HIS AWESOME, UNFAILING LOVE surround you, Elisa every day!!!

    (hope you don’t mind me linking this to my SOS, makes it easier for me to end up here in the Eternal Gift of LOVE)! I’m LOVING every day of these ETERNAL GIFTS and what amazes me is how each one somehow (God incidence)connects to what I’ve already posted… not directly but close enough for me to add! Truly inspirational! I love this song and enjoyed WORSHIP with you in between my church services…surrendering ALL to Him and anticipating opening each Gift! My advent one tonight also has MORE of His LOVE! Great message you share… “Love can’t be bought…” your middle paragraph was packed with truth that I love!

    Praising God for the GREATEST GIFT of His Son Jesus! May His Spirit fill us with a deeper sense of His love every day! Glory, Hallelujah!
    Thanks Elisa,

  3. Yes! That is one of my very favorite hymns as well… it stretches my spirit every single time I hear it.

    Just stopping by after reading your “manifesto” over at Sarah Mae’s. Hasn’t Laura’s series been fantastic? I feel so ready to take on the beast;-)

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