When a Magazine Clipping Gives You a New Beginning {plus a giveaway}

Within a few months of becoming a Christian during my junior year in college, I received a Christian teen magazine from a friend. Ahem. Yes, in print. And it was one of the most foundational tools in shaping my Christian faith and life habits.  Yes, a magazine.

See, there was this little note in the “Letters to the Editors” column from a girl who wanted to know if she could start again…in her purity.

She explained that after making a commitment to Christ, she was now ready to live her new life for Him, but didn’t know what to do with her past. She was probably too ashamed to ask any of her new Christian friends. I doubt she had a pastor to turn to, and even if she did, who at her age would have enough courage to ask?

By His Grace

So she wrote the magazine and posed one of the most important questions of her life, and mine, too. 

See, I needed this answer. Right than and there. As I was on the brink of a brand new relationship with a godly guy — and wanted to do things right this time.

The editor’s response was grace-filled and hope-promising.

His tender words reminded her, and me, that in Christ, we are a new creation. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

By His grace, we can have new beginnings. {click to tweet}

That’s what I needed to know. And that’s what enabled me to make the commitment to God to stay pure until my wedding day. I cut out the little 2 inch treasure and taped it into my first Bible, as a constant reminder to me of my decision to live out my new identity in Christ. That little magazine clip stayed there until I passed my beloved Bible to a teen girl walking in my shoes, who need His hope as much as I did when I was her age.

Needless to say, I have this fondness for magazines. Especially Christian magazines written for teen girls — magazines like Sisterhood.


Sisterhood magazine is committed to bringing truth and hope into the lives of teen girls…girls like the one I was…and girls like my own daughters and mentorees today.

In a world that’s mostly virtual, I take joy in snagging Sisterhood from our mailbox and leaving it on the coffee table for my girls, knowing that some piece of truth might be cut out of it each month and change their lives, too.  When they sit on the couch and peel through the pages, I find myself praying and giving thanks to God for the Sisterhood publishing team and the writers who are willing to share their hearts for the sake of the next generation.

Sisterhood is Giving Away 3 Subscriptions

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What would you think of giving Sisterhood to your girl this Christmas?

Print subscriptions for Sisterhood Magazine are $26 U.S./$28 Canada. You can also subscribe on your mobile device through the Sisterhood app (available on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Kindle Fire). If you subscribe to Sisterhood before December 2, the subscription will begin with the Jan/Feb issue, however, you can 888-817-8743 to order a copy of our Christmas issue (Nov/Dec) for $4.99/$5.99 Canada to wrap up as a gift.

To begin your subscription, click here.

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