Own Your Faith, An Interview with a College Girl {Podcast 109}

Own Your Faith, A Bonus Interview with a College Girl - More to Be Podcast 109


In this departure from the usual podcast co-hosted by Angela Sackett and Elisa Pulliam, Elisa is joined by her daughter, Leah Pulliam, a college girl discovering how to own her faith for herself. Together, they chat about what shaped Leah’s childhood and how finishing her first semester of college has impacted her life.  Leah relays how Ephesians 5:8-16 motivates her to own her faith and the practical steps she’s taking towards developing sound theology while moving out of her comfort zone in how she expresses her faith.



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[clickToTweet tweet=”‘I wasn’t living for Jesus. I was living for their approval.’ Is this your struggle too? #MORETOBE #podcast” quote=”I wasn’t living for Jesus. I was living for their approval. – Leah Pulliam”]

Mentoring our daughters is about giving them space to process out loud. – Elisa Pulliam

Are you careful to not be too comfortable in your own faith?

I have to be careful to not be too comfortable in my faith. – Leah Pulliam

Change is something that should happen in your Christian walk. – Elisa Pulliam

We love the emotional and feel good, but when we are confronted with our own sins and issues, we shy away from it because it means we have to change. – Leah Pulliam

Owning my faith is about thinking about how I’m living. – Elisa Pulliam

Change is something that should happen in your Christian walk. So how are you embracing transformation?

[clickToTweet tweet=”Allow yourself to be challenged, to be uncomfortable, in order to grow. #moretobe #podcast” quote=”Allow yourself to be challenged, to be uncomfortable, in order to grow. – Leah Pulliam”]


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