Creating Family Culture with Kim Amici {Podcast 406}

Do you feel like your family is out of sync? That you’re all heading in different directions? That your priorities aren’t lining up with your spouse?

Well, you’re not alone! Most family units lack a sense of mission and purpose. Decisions are made on the fly based on what feels good to the loudest, strongest voice. That kind of dynamic doesn’t lead to a family experience that feels good for anyone. The good news is there is another way to do family, whether you’re raising littles or getting ready to launch teens into adulthood. There’s hope, too, if you find yourself leading your family as a single mom or simply don’t have the support of your spouse.


On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I have the delight of chatting with a friend and a graduate of the Life Coach Training Course, Kimberly Amici, about how to create family culture. Kim has been passionate about this topic for many years, intentionally creating family culture with her spouse and children, in ways that will inspire you to get creative without becoming overwhelmed. Her practical steps, which shape her Family Culture Project Course, can serve you right where you are today. So grab a notebook and your Bible to discover how God can equip you and lead you to set the culture in your family today.



I was burning out and had to find a new way to live. – Kim

It’s great to have a mission statement, but there is so much to it that goes beyond the mission statement. It has to be more than just a poster on the wall. – Kim

What do you already have in place that is working in your family? That is culture. – Kim

The goal isn’t to end up in condemnation but rather see opportunities for growth. – Elisa

We can and should change our values as we mature in Christ. That’s how we align with God’s best. – Elisa

Drilling down to your why will dictate what you choose to do. – Kim

What do you want to be known for? – Kim

Our values shape our culture. – Elisa

A value can be honored without family participation. – Elisa

Let’s take a pause and see what our actions say about our values and how they line up with God’s values. – Elisa

When you’re in conflict, internally or externally, it’s time to evaluate your actions, beliefs, and values. – Elisa

Cultural is like a fingerprint. It’s our unique DNA in our family. – Kim

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