Becoming a Woman Who Endures Well {Podcast #411}

Don’t you wish life would be a little less challenging?

Maybe you’re still looking for the easy button, thinking that if you pray hard enough, long enough, the load will lighten up.

Or maybe you’re ready to throw in the towel because endurance isn’t your strong suit.

#411: Becoming a Woman Who Endures Well

On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, Kalie Kelch and I wrap up season 4 with a chat about enduring well in the midst of struggle and trials. It’s a rather appropriate ending of not only this season but also this year for me personally, with the loss of my father-in-law just before Thanksgiving.

Although we recorded this episode in the early fall, I only got around to editing it in early December at a time when I needed to hear the truths we spoke about . . . and I believe you may find the same is true for you.

I can look back and see how God was preparing me for what was to come with a deeply embedded reminder of Romans 5 and a fresh perspective on how to face the hard times.

I hope you have time to listen to our conversation as though you’re sitting right with us and take courage to face your trials as part of becoming a woman who endures well. 

Timeless Truths

The easy doesn’t give us the ability to grow the muscle to endure the hard. – Elisa

There is no easy button. – Elisa

The normal is hard. – Kalie

Whether we’re in the middle of trial, just coming out of a trial, or about to go into another, God is with us. – Elisa

We don’t fill a quota on suffering and then move on. – Elisa

Grief and sorrow, joy and celebration. They go together. – Elisa

The promise of salvation is not just for the hope of eternity. It is also for now. – Elisa

How does it change our perspective on trials when we see God as shoulder-to-shoulder with us? – Elisa

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