As a former perfectionist, cancer survivor and carpet-cleaning veteran, Jennifer is passionate about sharing the grace of Jesus with women, moms, teens and tweens. Jennifer lives in Texas with her husband of 13 years and two daughters, the younger of whom has autism. Connect with Jennifer on Twitter @JenniferDyer, on her blog at, and on her FB page. You can also find her on

What does it really mean to rest?

What Does It Really Mean to Rest?

Are you tired? Exhausted from running yourself ragged? Do you feel like the mom chores never end and you will never catch up? Yes and yes and yes. Can I get an amen? How do you find rest? Although naps are great, I’m talking about soul-deep rest. How do we find it? I’ve been stuck in a season of constant moving. With one child in a health crisis and another one with special needs, I sometimes feel like I’m stuck on my treadmill and can’t get the thing to turn off. I am on the verge of tears all the…

What My Dog Taught Me About Security in Christ

What My Dog Taught Me about Security in Christ

I always wanted several children, but my two pregnancies were riddled with issues. After the birth of my second daughter, who has now been diagnosed with severe autism, my doctor told me I shouldn’t have any more children. She’d said shouldn’t, and in my mind that meant I had some wiggle room. Several years later that shouldn’t turned into a never when I had a hysterectomy. By that point, we knew adoption probably wasn’t in the cards for us as a family either because of a host of circumstances. As the years went on and it remained clear we shouldn’t…


When Life Feels “On Hold” {especially for moms}

When my eldest entered high school a couple of years ago, I watched as more of my mom friends returned to their careers. With their kids growing more independent, many of my friends found more time to work or pursue other passions. My writing friends started to find more success too. Meanwhile, I seemed to stumble from one crisis to the next. While I celebrate their successes and new horizons, sometimes it feels as if my mom friends are zooming along the highway of life while I’m peddling a rusty bike in the dirt. I can’t say I’ve totally missed…

Letting Go of "I'm a bad mom" thinking!

Letting Go of “I’m a Bad Mom” Thinking

Summers are challenging in my house, and I’m sure they are in many other homes, too. As a mom, my thoughts in May turn to: What do I do with the kids? How do I keep them healthy and busy without losing my mind? I make lists of goals and plans. And at some point, I fail to live up to those plans. By the time my girls go back to school, I’m buried under a pile of guilt about lost opportunities. Can you relate?     Since we have a daughter with severe autism (which also entails a severe…

Lessons Learned in the Midst of Grief

Lessons Learned in the Midst of Grief

I have this spot in my house—my little prayer corner that I set up after watching the movie The War Room. I spent a lot of time in that spot . . . until recently. A little over a year ago, a lifelong friend was admitted to the hospital for what she thought was a kidney stone. After a lot of ups and downs, she finally discovered she had a rare form of virulent cancer. While she battled the cancer ravaging her body, the rest of us battled in prayer. My friend loved the Lord and her family. She was…


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