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Three Ways to Help Your Daughter Shine Her God-Colors

Shining Our God-Colors

The Best. The Most Amazing. Absolutely the One. Without question, she’s a shining star. Aren’t these the words we crave to hear . . . from just one person in the flesh? We can’t help but want to have our value affirmed by those who know us best. And yet, sometimes all we hear is silence. That’s exactly what my life coaching client admitted when she confessed she simply wanted to be on someone’s top 10 list. Anyone’s. Honestly, I couldn’t blame her for feeling that way. She’s been hard at work in a rewardless field, crusading for a cause that has…

Tween Bible Study: Kindness is the New Cool

Tween Bible Study: Kind is the New Cool

Do you have a heart for encouraging the girls in your life? Would you like to invest a little bit of time with the hopes of speak truth into the next generation of young women? Well, this tiny little bible study for tween girls is designed to help you simply and purposefully reach out to the girls the Lord has placed in your world. In particular, this study is touches on an important topic: how to navigate relationships in a way that makes kindness cool. Consider this topically focus on kindness as the anti-dote to the frenemy epidemic. Oh yes, let’s face it:…

New Bible Study for Teen Girls . . . Mosaic

Have you ever seen a mosaic up close? Mosaics are made with either pieces of cut glass or broken shards of glass laid in cement to create a beautiful image. While one piece of glass may be independently beautiful, it is stunning to see how that same piece can become part of a composition to form something magnificent. And, sometimes, it’s the broken pieces that lend themselves to the best use, because they fit exactly into an empty spot. When I reflect on how a mosaic is created, I can’t help but think of this generation. They may be broken…

What do you think about what you think?

{Week 6} TWOgether: What do you think?

  Can you believe we’ve reached our final week together! I hope that you haven’t missed a single chapter, but if you did, it’s ok! Just go back and pick up where you left off. The great thing about Magnetic is each chapter and can be read by all by itself. Before you read chapter 10, you might not have given any thought to your thoughts. I mean they are just there! Often, before you even realize it, you’ve been thinking about it or him for several minutes. Suddenly, your mom asks you a question or your teacher calls on…

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