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The Bare {Naked} Truth on Dating and Relationships

For some reason, I have always enjoyed reading books on dating. Maybe it’s because I have heard all the facts and “rules” from my parents, and I wouldn’t mind having a second opinion.  Or maybe it’s because I love to read, so I take any opportunity I can to stuff my nose in a book. That’s why when I was sitting  on the beach with my mom recently, and she pulled out of her bag The Bare Naked Truth, by Bekah Hamrick Martin, I quickly asked if I could read it. Her immediate response was, “No! You are too young. You…

How to Decide if Online Dating is for You

A Note from Elisa… I am so glad Brenda is tackling this topic of online dating. You will be intrigued by her story and blessed by her wisdom. However, I want to point out that Brenda is writing specifically to share her advice with our twenty-somethings. If you are a tween or teen, please do read this post for the sake of being informed, but please know that we do not encourage you to consider online dating as an option for you until you’re an adult.  Try to explain online dating to your grandparents, and maybe even your parents for…

Hey, mom, what are you going to do about her (or him) dating?

This post is for all the mommas out there. If you’re a daughter, feel free to read on as well.  You might find something you’d like to comment on below or share with your mom. If you’re not a mom, don’t run away. You’ll need to think about this if you step into a mentoring role. I recently came across a thought provoking post by author and speaker, Sheila Wray Gregoire, on the topic of dating and teens that grabbed my attention. Sheila writes, “My two girls are often the envy of some of the other moms in the youth…

{download} Relationships & Dating

Would you think it is safe to say that one of the most sought-after pieces of advice from teenage girls, and even twenty-somethings, is about dating? Most girls, maybe just like you, want to know how to have fun dating without regret. Some want to know if God approves of dating. Others want to know how far is too far, sexually speaking.  And just about every girl wants to know how to find the right guy! These concerns are valid and worth finding the answers! This Dating and Relationships resource is packed with answers to the most common relationship questions, providing hope and guidance…

Dating Guide

This step-by-step guide is packed full of resources especially designed for mentors and moms, youth leaders and women’s ministry leaders, and individuals looking to build on the Dating Topics u0026amp; Truth free download, which covers every aspect of dating, courting, and simply becoming a Godly gal. Inside the Dating Guide for Mentors u0026amp; Moms, you will find step-by-step instructions for covering this material as a one, two, or four part Bible study, as a conversation starter for mom and daughter, or even as a topical discussion guide for an ETC mentoring group. Through the combination of application questions and illustration…


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