It’s a New TWOgether Study for Moms and Daughters



As you might already know, we are passionate about seeing moms and daughters connect in every way. That’s because we believe moms are the best mentors for their daughters. Even though it is super valuable when other women speak into the lives of the next generation, there is nothing like the time spent between a mother and daughter one-on-one.

Because we want to encourage moms to spend time with their daughters, we’re offering another TWOgether Study with one of our favorite authors, Lynn Cowell, and her newest book, Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants.

Lynn Cowell

About Magnetic

Magnetic is a book for teen girls (13 – 18) focusing on the pressures of popularity, friendships, boys, and peer pressure in general. Lynn speaks to the heart of the matter through answering a bigger question:

What does it take to become magnetic?

Packed with quizzes, interviews with guys, and practical tools, Magnetic empowers girls to:

  • Move beyond negative thoughts, capricious emotions, and others’ opinions to gain unshakeable confidence
  • Limit the draining affect of “girl drama” so you can invest your time in becoming the best you
  • Replace the agonizing frustration of wanting to be noticed and liked with a deep assurance that you already are.

The biblical foundation of Magnetic is built off the fruit of the Spirit— providing a road-map for cultivating an inner and outer beauty . . . and  an irresistible appeal for godly guys.

Lynn challenges teen girls to shift their focus from a guy to the Guy and become the magnetic young woman God created them to be.

Magnetic Hi-rez cover copysmaller

Join Us

So mark your calendars for January 24th, and order your copy of Magnetic, so that you can get it on this fresh study content and work through Magnetic with your daughter one week at time.


Week 1: Chapter 1 : Before We Get to THE Guy

Week 2: Chapters 2 & 3: Love & Joy

Week 3: Chapters 4 & 5: Peace & Patience

Week 4: Chapters 6 & 7: Kindness & Goodness

Week 5: Chapters 8 & 9: Faithfulness & Gentleness

Week 6: Chapters 10 & 11: Self-control and wrap up

All you have to do is grab your book and your girl, and show up here each Saturday for six weeks.  Lynn will share her heart in each post and guide you through the book with fresh content and study questions. You can purchase your copy of Magnetic through Proverbs 31 Ministries or at Amazon.

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