{Week 3} TWOgether: Drop the Drama




Can you believe we’re already at week 3? I know it can be hard to hang in there and make time each week, but friend, let me reassure you – there really isn’t much on this planet that is more important than that mother-daughter time! Make it a priority! It will pay off!If you’re finding doing the chapters separately isn’t happening, take time and read the chapters out loud together. Whatever it takes to make it happen!

Let’s focus this week on peace.

I’m guessing like me, you’ve experienced the adrenaline rush of drama, the enjoyment of grabbing everyone’s attention just at the right time. It can be really addictive! I think we can subconsciously get into the habit of spinning a story in such a way that we know we’ll get others to lean in to listen.

That’s why a drama diet is good for all of us!

After Christmas, I was rather upset with myself for a pattern I had fallen into. Almost every time I passed by our pantry, I “stopped by” for a quick something. That something almost always was loaded with sugar. It was a habit I was enjoying, but I also noticed I was tired all the time, which they say is linked to sugar crashing. So while my mouth loved the tasty treats, the rest of my body did not.



Drama can be similar. While we are busy telling our story, fabricating details to make all the more unbelievable, we’re really playing right along in the drama game. It’s a  game we can get pulled into whether we’re on the phone or with our friends. But like my body later responded to the sugar, our hearts are responding later to our gossip.

Talking about others causes us to have callused hearts.

Telling a story seems painless at the time, but when we find ourselves on the other end of the tale, it hurts terribly. And it always comes back!

[Tweet “God made you to be His gorgeous one by being a peacemaker, not a gossip girl.”]

This week listen. Listen to yourself. Listen to your friends. Mom and daughter, listen to each other.

How often are your conversation about others?

Catch yourself. Stop yourself. Right now, pray together, that God will make you magnetic by making you a peacemaker.



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