Take Back Our Mornings with Kat Lee {Podcast #206}

Who is the boss of your mornings? Do you drag yourself out of bed, running late before you even started? Do you wake up to the demands of your kids or work? Are you scrambling to get everything done before you head out the door?

It’s time to take back your mornings!

Take Back Your Mornings with Kat Lee on the More to Be Podcast, Episode #206


In this episode of the More to Be Podcast, we’re excited to bring you “mornings” expert Kat Lee!

Kat is passionate about teaching others how to jump-start each day with a grace-filled, life-giving morning routine. She is the author of the Hello Mornings book, a speaker, podcaster, and the founder of HelloMornings.org. She and her husband, Jimmy, live in Waco, Texas, with their three children.

We kick off the episode chatting about how to remodel our morning routines with the simple three-step Hello Mornings plan followed by digging into Psalm 143. That passage opened up all sorts of conversation about what to do when we’re struggling in our faith and routines. Kat brings us examples filled with Biblical truth and hope.

You’ll notice this is a long episode that was impossible to break into two parts since each thought carried into the next. You won’t regret listening all the way to the end, as Kat helps us think about the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


You have to start waking up for your kids rather than to your kids. - Kat Lee on the More to Be Podcast #ChristianWomen #BibleTruth


You have to start waking up for your kids rather than to your kids. – Kat

The way we start our day is important — we can start our day with Jesus. We need to study our Bibles, too, and we can do that any time of the day. – Kat

The Hello Mornings, 3 Minute Morning Routine {downloadable at hellomornings.org}

  1. God – begin with God by recite Psalm 143:8
  2. Plan –  look at your calendar and plan it with God
  3. M0ve – do one thing, like drinking water

That small, almost insignificant start can make something a lasting habit. – Kat

It’s about relabeling who we are based on what we’re becoming. – Kat

Are the hamstrings of your heart broken? – Lisa

Perseverance and determination do not need to come from within our own power — it comes from the strength of God and the body of Christ surrounding you. – Elisa

Lord, show me your work that I may join you in it. #MoreToBe #BibleStudy #Devotional #Podcast

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  • Psalm 143

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