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Journey to Freedom

A Brand New Bible Study for Teen Girls {and Young Women}

We are so incredibly excited to introduce you to a brand new resource… The ENGAGE Totally Simple Bible Studies for Teen Girls are simple, short and totally packed with relevant material Bible studies. These studies will be available as downloads, on Kindle, and in paperback, just like a traditional Bible study, with a participant’s guide and leader’s guide. The ENGAGE studies are written especially for teenage girls to use with their moms, mentors, and friends. Really, the content would be perfect any girl age 12 and up, regardless of her faith upbringing. If you’re working with girls who’ve been immersed…

Growing through Waiting

Planting Seasons: How Teens Can Sow a Strong Future

  When I was a young teen, I had a strong desire to reach my fullest potential. I wanted to grow up. I wanted to experience all the plans that God had for me, to mature in my relationship with Him, and become all that He has called me to be. The thing I failed to realize was that the waiting and growing seasons must take place before I could reach my fullest potential and experience all that God has for me. If you’re going through a hardship or you’re eager to grow up, as I was, keep in mind…

Should I date a non-Christian guy?

Real Question: Should I date a non-Christian guy?

We’ve had some great reader questions recently on the subject of dating, and so we’re eager to give you real answers relevant to this important topic, from a number of different perspectives, like this one, and the one below. The question we’re focusing on today is: “What if I date a non-Christian guy who is really nice to me, but is not a Christian? Should I stay with him?  Can I make him change?” Before we tackle who to date, let’s discuss… Why date anyway? As humans, we desire spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy. In our culture, dating seems revolve…

When staying single isn't easy...

Saving Your Heart by Staying Single

When I was in eighth grade, I made a commitment: I would be stay single and not participate in the “high school dating game.” I had just broken up with my first real boyfriend and decided that I wanted my next boyfriend to be my future husband. I didn’t want to date several guys in my teen years and only have little to offer my future husband when I met him. I also wanted to do as Song of Solomon 2:7 (MSG) suggests, “Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is ripe—and you’re ready.”   This commitment to…

How do you forgive your friends when they've hurt and betrayed you?

When Someone You Love Hurts You

It can feel like a punch to your stomach.  Your heart breaks into what seems like a thousand little pieces.  It can even make your eyes burn from holding back the tears.  This awful feeling I’m talking about is what can happen when someone we love — or someone we thought loved us — hurts us. Have you ever been hurt by someone you care about? Most of us have or will at some point in our lives.  Some of us have even hurt those we love in this way. So how can we get past the hurt?  How can…


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