Practical Ideas for Battling Anxiety {Podcast 302}

Do you struggle with worry and anxious thoughts?

Are you concerned that you might be headed for a clinical diagnosis, but don’t really want to find out because you’re afraid they might put you on medicine?

Is your loved one in the battle of bullying back the debilitating lies anxiety wields their way each day? Do you worry that you’re not doing the right thing to help them?

You’re not alone.

Practical Ideas for Battling Anxiety on the #MoretoBe #Podcast


Did you know that 44% of the women who responded to our More to Be survey confess they struggle with anxiety and worry and 45% are overwhelmed by their responsibilities?

Which is why this episode of the More to Be Podcast is focusing entirely on the real truth about anxiety and practical ideas for battling anxiety.

It is safe to say we’re not living out our faith in the day to day in the way we want it to manifest. Nearly half of our tribe is feeling trapped, overwhelmed, and anxious. And, here’s the scary statistic, sisters — it’s not reflective of just the millennials amongst us because our tribe is made of women primarily in their 40s and 50s. Somehow we’ve crossed the middle-aged mark but haven’t figured out how to live that fully abundant life filled with peace and joy God promises. So what gives? 

What hope is there for us to become anxious-free women who are fulfilled in their present life, especially so that we can model that for the next generation we’re impacting?

I know, deep questions. So today we’re going to dive into practical steps for dealing with our anxiousness and worry.

When I say practical, I don’t just mean read your Bible more and pray, but rather seek out professional help and engage your body in the stewardship of your mental health.

The more we recognize what we can do to reduce our anxiety, the better prepared we’ll be able to help a generation struggling with anxiety and depression.




It is a daily discipline for all of us to take our anxious thoughts captive and give them to God. – Elisa

Worry is the fear of the unknown. – Kalie

Here is my worry, God, and here, I give You my thanks. – Kalie

You can teach an old dog new tricks. The old dog just learns slower. -Elisa Pulliam #moretobe #podcast #anxiety

You get to bully the anxiety, the anxiety doesn’t get to bully you. – Leah’s Counselor

Your sense of smell engages an emotional response, so you can use essential oils to trigger a new emotional response. – Elisa

What the devil wants to use for bad, God can redeem with a new way of thinking. – Kalie


You get to bully the anxiety, the anxiety doesn't get to bully you. #moretobe #podcast #anxiety


You can teach an old dog new tricks. They just learn slower. -Elisa

If we’re in a constant state of stress, we’re not stewarding the body well. – Elisa

We are fully heart, mind, body, and soul. We are fully and holy whole. – Elisa

What the devil want to use for bad, God can redeem with a new way of thinking. #moretobe #podcast #anxiety

Practical Ideas Mentioned

  1. Get Professional Help — Doctors and Counselors
  2. Take Captive Thoughts
  3. Bully the Lies
  4. Create a Worry Box
  5. Write Down Your Worries
  6. Pick a Worry Time
  7. Using Essential Oils to Engage a New Response
  8. Breathing Techniques, such as the 4-Square
  9. Engaging Your Five Senses
  10. Create a Bedtime Routine
  11. Get Off the Screens
  12. Reduce Sugar and Processed Food
  13. Regulate Yourself to Help Your Child
  14. Start Small
  15. Pray for God to Give You Direction
  16. Don’t Let the Lid Off the Can Late at Night

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  • Philippians 4

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